Valens Holding AG has the vision to become the first worldwide accessible Neo bank, that offer traditional banking services as well as more sophisticated digital services.

In order to succeed, Valens Holding AG has end 2020 defined “Strategy Unicorn”, which will be the roadmap for the strategic development the coming years. In short, this is; 

  1. Having the most sophisticated and intelligent IT system.
  2. Becoming the most cost-efficient provider of all functions.
  3. Available to offer services worldwide.
  4. Value chain driven with all key functions and value drivers inhouse.
  5. Advanced product suite with banking products, asset management and digital currencies. 

Valens Holding AG is determined to be a global recognized FinTech business, that will become a leader in the industry for years to come.

Valens Holding AG
Eschersheimer Landstrasse 42
60322 Frankfurt am Main

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Phone: +49 32 221 093 344